Kawasan Falls and Osmeña Peak Adventure

Tourists coming Cebu’s province are in for an adventure as they will be experiencing a fun and closer to Mother Nature way of doing a day tour activity from Badian to Osmeña peak  all done by foot. Non-locals, foreign tourists and even locals prefer a nature-loving way to spend the rest of their day. Tourists are more sighted in the rural south-side of Cebu as that area has a lot to showcase to their guests. Locals safe-keeping the place takes pride of what they have in made sure time after time to keep those places well-maintained and unharmed.

From the scenic view of Badian to the tops of Osmena peak wherein a clearer view of Cebu’s south seashores are very apparent, tourists can travel by foot and get a closer feel of Mother Nature or they can travel via 2 wheels where they can’t experience riding one in other places. The place they will be in are more than what they expected because it takes more than good physique to enjoy the place but it takes imagination and fun to truly grasp what both places have to offer. Local tour guides will be working side by side as well with tourists to keep them safe of all the things that they will be doing.

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