Tips for Creating Forms in Excel Using VBA

You can create an excel inventory update form using VBA, i.e., Visual Basic for Applications. This type of forms in excel is used to manage the flow of services and stock of products. You can use these forms for recording and updating details of courses offered in colleges, or for tracking stock in a warehouse.

Let us first define the use of VBA and Excel forms, before guiding you on creating forms in excel using VBA.

Excel – Excel is the spreadsheet software used for calculations, graphing and pivot tables. It is useful for managing large amounts of data conveniently. It can be compared to a database.

VBA – VBA or Visual Basic for Application is an application used in excel spreadsheets to automate several excel functions and processes.

These are special automated spreadsheets helpful while tracking college courses and inventory. They can also be used for many other projects.

The VBA is like a magic tool for creating inventory update forms in excel easily even if you do not know the program because VBA forms in Excel support user input. By copying and saving the script for the input form to a text document, the form is accessible on other spreadsheets and the user does not have to face the problem of recreating it each time he needs the form.

Please go through the steps given below for some easy and quick steps to help you in creating forms in excel you need by using Visual Basic for Applications –

Start the process by turning on the ‘Macro Recording’ while you type your excel form. This records all that you enter and you will not need to type the same details again when you are creating a similar inventory update form. Next time when you need an inventory update form, you simply need to follow the steps mentioned below and your form will be ready in a few seconds. 

– Click on VIEW and go to VBA macro recording

– Under VBA macro recording, click on MACROS

– Choose START Recording, under MACROS

– Give a name to your macro in the box that appears

– Create a shortcut key like ‘I’ to get the shortcut keys ‘Ctrl’ and ‘I’

– Press OK and start recording

– Go to the OFFICE option and click on BLANK WORKBOOK to open a new file

– Now you can customize your form as per your specific requirements. For example, for a college course tracking form, you can add columns like NEW PROGRAM APPROVAL, GRADUATE CATALOG REVISION and UNDERGRADUATE CATALOG REVISION

– Keep some space for adding new columns and details, making changes from time to time or deleting some courses

– Click on Macros, once the workbook is edited

– Under MACROS, choose STOP Recording

– The VBA macro is now ready for use

Press the shortcut keys that you created earlier to create a workbook instantly using VBA. If you have forgotten the shortcut keys, click on VIEW MACROS under MACROS and you can retrieve the entire data.

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