Regular maintenance of Air Conditioner

Regular maintenance can prevent specific parts from getting dirty and reduce the amount of repairs required for a unit during use. Below are some tips on home air conditioner troubleshooting and determining if an air conditioning expert is needed to fix the problem.

A condenser may not run due to many reasons. Some of the most common are blown fuses or tripped breakers that cut the power to the unit. For repair your ac you can search for Certified AC Maintenance & Repairs in Tampa, FL at Easy AC.

High back settings are just another cause and diminishing the temperature by five degrees could end in the condenser running back again.  A faulty compressor or motor might be the issue and should be looked in and replaced with an expert.  An air conditioned distribution system leads to irregular cooling and has to be balanced to get rid of the issue.  It needs a specialist also.

After the machine isn’t cooling, assess simple things and then call an expert.  Once more, a thermostat that’s put too much may possibly be the situation.  Consider reducing the fever.  A dirty condenser or evaporator might also function as the source.   Subsequently wash and straighten the pins onto the condenser.  Even the condenser unit may get obstructed.

Remove all debris and then cut down grass and weeds round your machine.  Other causes behind this problem include things like a faulty toaster, very low refrigerant, or perhaps a leaky flow.  These sorts of problems need an air-conditioning service for repair and evaluation.


In the event the condensing unit is repeatedly kicking on / off, then the condenser might possibly be blocked or cluttered.  Remove any such thing obstructing the machine and then wash out the coil and also fins.  The evaporator might also be cluttered.

Try cleaning up it of course should such steps don’t fix the issue, call an experienced repairman.  Oftentimes, probably the most frequent problem could be that the evaporator being cluttered.  It is possible to try to clean out the machine and execute simple dwelling air conditioning equipment troubleshooting to decide whether the matter is readily fixable.

Whether it really is not, consistently telephone some one that specializes in ac repair.  Don’t try to execute big repairs yourself, since this could wind up being more costly.

Common maintenance procedures performed by a service and installation company include: checking refrigerant levels, checking electrical components, cleaning the evaporator coil, cleaning the condenser coil, oiling all motors, calibrating the thermostat, and cleaning or replacing filters. Each of these maintenance functions has its own significance. Low refrigerant levels are the most dangerous and can result in very expensive repairs. Efficiency is reduced by dirty parts and filters. Cleaning and replacement will keep energy costs low and ensure it is running at its best.