Tips For Traveling To Sandakan For The First Time

If you are travelling to Sandakan, Borneo then you must go prepared because every city and district has its own living standards. We have made a complete list for you so can go to Sandakan prepared and tension free.

Courtesy- Escape Trekking Adventures

It is a one in a lifetime kind of experience so live it to your fullest. Here is out list of dos and don’ts for your ease:

  • City Tips

First and foremost, the charger adapters and multi plug extensions. Although the amp and design of the sockets are the same but it is safe to carry an adapter so your electronics don’t catch fire. Don’t forget to keep extensions as the sockets aren’t in accessible spots. There is absolutely no need to pack your electric kettle as most hotels have the facility. If you aren’t a huge fan of sugar in your drinks then you must specify it to your server as people there like sugary drinks.

  • Rainforest Tips

A local flight leaves from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan; it takes around 50 minutes to reach to your destination. You will most probably head straight to the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre. If you are traveling in warm clothes make sure that you change into shorts because it is extremely hot there. Also make sure that you carry a water bottle so you don’t get dehydrated. Don’t forget to pack an insect repellent so you can protect the bare skin from insects. It rains almost all the time so take a raincoat along. Don’t forget to take the Sandakan death March tours to get an insight of the ancient history.

Invest in a waterproof camera so can capture the beautiful moments instead of purchasing things such as fins and electric kettles.