How to Save Money And Energy

"Turn off the lights! You're wasting energy! " – It used to be every parents rule. But I don't notice it as frequently anymore. We try to remind my kids – but there are numerous other things to nag them about. In picking my battles, this one often gets left behind.

Lately, I have been wondering how much it really costs to leave those lights on (environmental impact aside). There is a great explanation at the U. S. Department of Energy.In order to get more information about how to save energy,visit at

The bottom collection is this:

One 60 watt bulb burning for 1 hour translates to. 06 kWh (kilowatt-hours).

On your electric bill you are charged a certain rate per each kWh used. (On my previous bill this was made upwards of a bunch of different rates for era services and delivery services. When I added all these together my total rate was about 20 cents per kWh)

To leave one 60 watt bulb on for just one hour costs me about 1 cent (. summer kWh x 18 pennies = 1 cent) of which doesn't appear such as a whole lot. But I rarely have just one bulb on. In my average measured kitchen I have ten recessed lights. If I left these on for 8 hours a day (we are usually in the kitchen a lot!) for a month, it would cost about 24 money. Once I consider all the other rooms in the house the costs just add upward.