Types of Indoor Plants

The main benefit of having indoor plants is that they help in keeping the environment clean and fresh. Apart from that, they are also used for decoration and provide the home with a natural look. Many different types of plants can easily survive indoors. Following are some types of plants that can be kept and maintained indoors easily:

Courtesy: gardengoodsdirect

1. House Plants

Some of the common house plants include Aloe Vera, Spider Plant, Peace Lily, Weeping Fig and Jade Plant. The good thing about these plants is that you do not have to spend a lot of time maintaining them and can go a few days without watering them.

2. Flowering Plants

Who would not want to have flowers in their house? These types of plants add natural colours and beauty to the house. Some of the commonly indoor plants include Flowering Maple, Shrimp Plant, Orchid and Zebra Plant. You can buy these plants or get them from an indoor plant hire company for events and functions.

3. Easy & Low Light

You can have plants at home even if you have a busy routine. There are some plants that do not need direct sunlight and can survive with very little water. Some of these plants include Lucky Bamboos, Pothos Vine, Snake Plant and Ferns. You do not need to take out extra time to ensure that these plants survive indoors.

Other plants that you can keep indoors include Palm Plants, Cactus, hanging basket plants, as well as trailing plants.

Planning An Outdoor Corporate Event

Event management requires meticulous planning, great time management skills and the will to take risks. Planning for indoor events can be hard to execute and those for outdoor events even harder. Moreover, corporate events have very specific demands that need to be met under all circumstances and hence, managing such events can be even more challenging.


To make your life easier, however, we have compiled a list of things for you to consider that will help you in planning your outdoor corporate event:

  1. Objectives: Knowing the objectives would help you in making decisions about different aspects of the event, like the venue or decorations. It may also aid you in understanding the reason behind holding the event outdoors in the first place.
  2. Weather: Keeping yourself updated about the weather forecast is crucial. Since the weather is the one aspect you have no control over, keeping a check on the forecast will at least help you minimize any risks.
  3. Decorations: Outdoor decorations are not the same as indoor decorations, and especially not for corporate events. Adding some plants to the décor is the best idea since it will maintain the formality of the event and will create a relaxed environment for easy interaction. You may be able to get some plants for hire Melbourne that the guests will find pleasing.

So keep these tips in mind when planning your next outdoor corporate event and your event will definitely be a success!