Selecting the right stanchion post to suit your rope and location!

Whilst selecting a stanchion rope, you may first have to decide on a post to attach them to!

The rope may be really important, but a rope by itself isn’t much use, however, taking the time to select a stanchion or wall plate that matches your location may just lead you to make the right decision. A popular choice amongst hotels and luxury events is the polished brass finish, elegance post, while baggage claims and more common locations often go for the rope with a satin finish.

But if you’re looking for a more traditional finish, the dome base is a favorite amongst location that opts for traditional looking stanchions ropes set up!

Here two different types of stanchions, depending on what one’s pocket allow them to buy:

  • The Ball Top Stanchion Post

This rope stanchion is at the pinnacle of class and luxury. The build and quality subsequent to none, coming with several unique features such as a full circumference floor protector. If you are looking for something that has a complete red carpet look, then this is your rope stanchion.

  • The Crown Top Stanchion Post

This is a stanchion generally built with a concrete base. Perfect for those who are tight on their budget. Although it’s not as high quality as the stanchion post, it can certainly fit well in the role if needed for a event or it could every day as well.