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Tips For Traveling To Sandakan For The First Time

If you are travelling to Sandakan, Borneo then you must go prepared because every city and district has its own living standards. We have made a complete list for you so can go to Sandakan prepared and tension free.

Courtesy- Escape Trekking Adventures

It is a one in a lifetime kind of experience so live it to your fullest. Here is out list of dos and don’ts for your ease:

  • City Tips

First and foremost, the charger adapters and multi plug extensions. Although the amp and design of the sockets are the same but it is safe to carry an adapter so your electronics don’t catch fire. Don’t forget to keep extensions as the sockets aren’t in accessible spots. There is absolutely no need to pack your electric kettle as most hotels have the facility. If you aren’t a huge fan of sugar in your drinks then you must specify it to your server as people there like sugary drinks.

  • Rainforest Tips

A local flight leaves from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan; it takes around 50 minutes to reach to your destination. You will most probably head straight to the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre. If you are traveling in warm clothes make sure that you change into shorts because it is extremely hot there. Also make sure that you carry a water bottle so you don’t get dehydrated. Don’t forget to pack an insect repellent so you can protect the bare skin from insects. It rains almost all the time so take a raincoat along. Don’t forget to take the Sandakan death March tours to get an insight of the ancient history.

Invest in a waterproof camera so can capture the beautiful moments instead of purchasing things such as fins and electric kettles. 

Cebu Hotels: Queensland Hotel Lapu-Lapu

Are you looking for an ideal place for people who'd like a strategically located home you can base when touring in Cebu with easy access and great proximity to popular attractions? You may consider staying at the Queensland Hotel Lapu-Lapu. Aside from its great and helpful amenities, guests can easily access their scheduled tour may it be for business or leisure because the city is accessible to major routes with public transport.


Queensland Hotel’s rooms are basically provided with facilities and amenities for a pleasing and relaxing stay you can have in your business or leisure stay in Cebu. Equipped with complete air-conditioning room, private bathroom and toilet with shower accessories, clean and spotless beds and bed trimmings, furnished conveniently, plus other hotel rooms that feature a comfortable and pleasurable experience.


With its practical location to most business and tourists areas, the Queensland Hotel is one of the best places you can be where you can consider its strategic lodging. Also, the distance from the hotel will only take a 10-minute drive with a convenient Opon-Airport-Sangi Road that provides an easy access to the hotel from the airport, and vice versa. The place is also close to the Cebu-Mactan Ferry Terminal. You can also find a great restaurant near the place such as Family Farm Kilo Kilo Grill, which is located next to the hotel and as well as other restaurants in Lapu-Lapu City like Friends Korean and Filipino Food Restaurant, Inday Pinas Sutukil and Seafood Haus, places that are easy to locate and reach.

When you feel like going to shopping, you can go to Metro Gaisano which is just a few minutes away from the hotel, as well as Robinsons Supermarket. With business centers located near Queensland Hotel, and is surrounded by big corporations nearby. There’s also a Mactan Island Golf Club for business discussion in a leisure setting.

Cebu Hotel: Quest Hotel & Conference Center Cebu Review

Are you searching for a place that you can stay near the Central Business Park or Ayala Mall? Here’s one of our suggestion.

Quest Hotel and Conference Center – Cebu can be located effortlessly in Cebu, with a 5-minute walk distance away from the Central Business Park and Ayala Mall. It offers sophisticated rooms and an outdoor pool and free Wi-Fi throughout the property. With a great view as you look through the window.

From Mactan International Airport, it will take a 45-minute drive by car or more if caught by traffic. A 20-minute drive to the several famous attraction in Cebu like the Chinese Taoist Temple, Basilica Minore Del Santo Nino and Rizal Memorial Library and Museum.

All rooms of Quest Hotel and Conference Center – Cebu are completely air-conditioned and with a satellite TV, an in room security safe for laptops and a work desk. Some of the rooms have a private balcony.

There is a restaurant where the guests can dine in or they can dine in the privacy of their rooms. The hotel includes a DVD library and other facilities like the business center and fitness center.

It is one of the top rated hotels found in Cebu City. Guests are happy on their stay in the place as they give their wonderful review.

According to some independent review, the guests’ favorite parts near the Quest Hotel & Conference Cebu are Ayala Center Cebu, Cebu IT Park, Museo Sugbo and Temple of Leah.

Couples in particular like the location as they give great reviews. The hotel is rated with 8.9 in almost all of the booking website online. It is also rated for the best value in Cebu City. Guests saved more money as they compare it to the other hotels you can find in Cebu City.

If you want to request something specific, you can check out by calling their customer service hotline. Book now for your accommodation in Cebu.

Evander Holyfield Explains How Conor McGregor Can Beat Floyd Mayweather

Previous heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield said he expects Floyd Mayweather against Conor McGregor, yet he additionally gave his sentiment about how the Irishman can pull off the surprise. 

On Saturday, TMZ Sports go along remarks from The Real Deal about what it will take for McGregor to stun the game's world. 

"He would need to harsh him up," Holyfield said. "He'd need to accomplish something that get Mayweather disappointed and get into a fight. I think his lone possibility is getting into a fight." 

The greatest inquiry heading into the battle as far as McGregor's odds is whether he can do noteworthy harm against Mayweather, who's outstanding amongst other guarded boxers ever. 

Brett Okamoto of go along remarks from long-lasting boxer Paulie Malignaggi following an instructional meeting with the UFC lightweight champion a week ago. 

"He is very brave in the left hand, I can't remove that from him," he said. "In boxing, particularly against a person like Floyd Mayweather, you have to devise a couple of more weapons, and I surmise that is what Conor is really going after. I think … coming into this circumstance definitely knowing Conor has a major left hand … you're presumably going to get ready for that left hand." 

That is all that really matters. Mayweather is a great deal like the New England Patriots in the way he regularly kills an adversary's greatest weapon and drives them to discover another road to triumph. 

The undefeated five-division title holder will be set up to deal with McGregor's intense left-gave shots. It's dependent upon The Notorious to concoct something that can astonish Money enough to hand the battle about his support, and Malignaggi disclosed to the underdog is taking a shot at it. 

"He will have his own style and set of things he does. He has a strategy. It's not what individuals think," he said. "I'll put it like this: He realizes what he needs to do and he has a technique for how he needs to arrive. The system of how he arrives may look, to the bare eye, 'gee, I don't think about this.' But there's a strategy to his frenzy. He's a mastermind." 

Winning insight proposes Mayweather will have the capacity to utilize his strategic abilities to control the battle against the boxing newcomer, and that could well be the situation. Be that as it may, it sounds like McGregor could have a couple of traps up his sleeve with an end goal to demonstrate Holyfield and every other person picking against him off-base.

New York City Apartments – The Best of Everything

There are a whole lot of reasons to proceed into the gorgeous town of New York. Besides it is amazing especially during the night, a lot of opportunities are awaiting you. Your abilities and abilities are waiting to be analyzed from the town of dreams. Another reason is that the availability of almost everything. To get more info about Apartments in NYC you may head to

New York City Apartments - The Best of Everything

Locating an nyc apartment for lease will overwhelm you since there are dozens and dozens of apartments for rent recorded daily. Virtually every area in New York has flats waiting to be leased. Listed below are a Few of the best places in New York to lease an apartment:

– Park Slope – you might also locate New York City apartments for rent in this field. This area is known among the best-rounded area in New York and is known for its low crime prices. It's peppered with a lot of schools and a lot of restaurants and pubs. Additionally, there are parks found in the area that may accommodate you through those Sunday picnics or some other arbitrary thing.

– Reduce East-Side – Also among the best places to search for New York City apartments, this component of the town is quite energetic if you like the night life. The apartments for rent are extremely affordable, provided that you're able to deal with a small sound.

Apartments in nyc, whichever area, boast of charm and sophistication. If you're searching for somewhere to rent in the gorgeous city of New York, then you should begin trying to find apartments for rent online or phone a Real Estate firm that could accommodate all of your requirements for flat hunting. 

Mayweather’s dad says they have a few “presents” for McGregor on battle night

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will confront Conor McGregor in about being charged as "The Money Fight." And with the greatest battle of the year, and potentially ever, under two months away, the special push is beginning to start decisively. Enthusiasm for the session is gigantic with fans not by any stretch of the imagination beyond any doubt what's in store.

In any case, as indicated by Mayweather's group, fans shouldn't be the main ones who don't recognise what's in store. Talking as of late with Helen Yee, Mayweather's dad and coach, Floyd Mayweather Sr., said that he and his child have a couple of "presents" for McGregor come battle night.

"Floyd's going to put something on Conor McGregor. I have a couple of presents for Conor McGregor," said Floyd Mayweather Sr. in a meeting with NBC Sports Radio. "I have a couple of things that I need to hand him. There are a couple of things that I need to do, and things that Floyd can do. Will have the capacity to touch him up genuine great."

Mayweather is an incredible boxer who amassed a 49-0 record crosswise over five distinctive weight classes. McGregor is an amateur by examination, having no expert boxing Foundation and a short yet transient ascent to the highest point of MMA. Be that as it may, in spite of the appearing dissimilarity, many fans trust McGregor can win on the back of his points of interest in size and youth. Also, Mayweather is not known as quite a bit of a finisher which gives McGregor 12 rounds to arrive a major left-hand knockout. In any case, Mayweather Sr. disregards these worries as strange.

"Oh my goodness something, regardless of the possibility that it takes care of business, Floyd will whoop his can. That is what will happen. Anyway, he needs to do it, McGregor is going to get whooped. Ain't no one going to state I'm wrong since they know he will get whooped at any rate."

In any case, it stays to be seen whether beating McGregor will be sufficient for Mayweather. Numerous intellectuals have recommended that McGregor enduring a delayed time frame with an unsurpassed boxing awesome in spite of no boxing family would consider inadequately the game. In any case, it doesn't seem like Mayweather and his group plan for that to happen. For what figures to be his last session, Mayweather Sr. says his child has something new in the store that will be worth viewing.

"You can trust a certain something, Y'all going to see something new in this battle. Will see something that he hasn't indicated you yet. When he indicates it, at that point Y'all will know it."

What to keep in mind when getting graffiti done in your home?


If you have also decided to get your home decked with graffiti art, here’re a few pointers that you must remember before getting it done:

  • Graffiti artists are professionals who are know what they are doing. Remember, that the graffiti artist who has taken up your home project is doing this for a living, for long. Their work is their passion and that makes them even more of an expert in the area. Thus always seek their advice and inputs, as they would never let you go astray.
  • Choose a design keeping in mind long term aspects. What may look good for this month may seem weird once the pep of the season is over. Also, what may seem as a good idea in your 20s, could seem crazy in 30s. Okay, agreed no one’s going to keep them the same for so long, but the idea is to ensure a design that you would appreciate as long as you intend to keep it. Once done, getting it redone or removed too soon could be a costly affair.
  • Seek everyone’s input in your home. If you are not the only one who lives in your house, seek advice and acceptance of everyone when choosing to go for graffiti and the design also. If everyone is not comfortable with the dash of colours, getting graffiti painting for your own room would be a better option. Makes you happy, keeps others happy too!

If you keep these points in mind, you will have a much better experience with your graffiti art Melbourne project.

Kawasan Falls and Osmeña Peak Adventure

Tourists coming Cebu’s province are in for an adventure as they will be experiencing a fun and closer to Mother Nature way of doing a day tour activity from Badian to Osmeña peak  all done by foot. Non-locals, foreign tourists and even locals prefer a nature-loving way to spend the rest of their day. Tourists are more sighted in the rural south-side of Cebu as that area has a lot to showcase to their guests. Locals safe-keeping the place takes pride of what they have in made sure time after time to keep those places well-maintained and unharmed.

From the scenic view of Badian to the tops of Osmena peak wherein a clearer view of Cebu’s south seashores are very apparent, tourists can travel by foot and get a closer feel of Mother Nature or they can travel via 2 wheels where they can’t experience riding one in other places. The place they will be in are more than what they expected because it takes more than good physique to enjoy the place but it takes imagination and fun to truly grasp what both places have to offer. Local tour guides will be working side by side as well with tourists to keep them safe of all the things that they will be doing.

What You Should Consider When Booking Your Banquet Hall

Five Crucial Aspects to Check

While Booking a Wedding Banquet Hall

If you are searching for a banquet hall then you will have to take into consideration several aspects to find the right one. Since there is no dearth of wedding banquet halls, it can become a difficult task to find most appropriate one which matches wedding theme and style you have planned. Thus, our aim here will be to share some important details which will assist you in selecting the right venue.

Aspects to Consider While Booking a Wedding Banquet Hall

By taking into consideration following aspects you will be able to find the venue which matches your expectations.

wedding banquet hallsBudget and Guests: Venue selection will mainly depend upon your budget. As such, first thing you will have to do is create a budget so that you can find wedding banquet halls which fit into your budget. Another aspects which will play its role in venue selection would be number of guests you are planning to invite. This way you can be sure that venue will be large enough to accommodate all your guests.

Type of Venue: You need to check which type of venue it is, whether a full service venue or a no service one. In case it is a full service one then the venue will be providing linen, flatware, tables and chairs and nothing in case it is a no service one. It will also be necessary to examine whether venue will allow you to choose vendors you want to work with or will it be compulsory to use services of vendors provided by banquet hall. Thus, you need to select one as per your personal preferences and requirements.

Available Space: Upon first visit all wedding banquet halls will appear to be spacious. This is due to the fact that banquet halls are usually empty when people visit the venues. It may not look empty when the hall gets fully decorated and has all the tables and chairs, buffet tables as well as the DJ and band setup. Thus, best thing to do will be to visit a banquet hall at the time some other reception is being held having total guest figure that is close to number of guests you are planning to invite for your wedding reception.

Restrictions: If you have planned music and dance during your wedding reception then it will be necessary to figure out whether wedding banquet halls enforce any type of restrictions with regards to dance at the venue or playing music. In addition to it, you need to examine whether there are smoking restrictions you need to adhere to.

Go On a Revisit: You need to revisit shortlisted wedding banquet halls and plan those visit at the same time wedding has been planned (as for instance, in evening). This will give you are clear idea about how decoration will look like in the evening since venue may look completely different from how it looks in the morning and effect decoration you are planning to implement at the venue.

In Conclusion

Thus, by keeping note of above points you will be able to select the right venue and avoid last minute surprises.

Silky Whip and Slave Contract manga


            Oh! Great • Eros MangErotica (1998–2004) • 2 volumes • Action, Adult • 18+ (violence, nudity, graphic s-e-x)

            This is exactly what you would expect from the famous Oh! Great, who got his start with adult manga before moving on to legitimacy with Read Slam Dunk Manga and Tenjho Tenge: gorgeous ladies, bad-ass guys, and killer robots engage in se-xual relations and lots of destructive fighting. The s-e-x and action are mixed about 50/50 here, with stories about professional thieves, crime lords, alien magicians, and superpowered combat cyborgs. The tone is rather dark, the s-e-x and violence mixing freely (even drifting beyond rape into bestiality). This is its biggest flaw, but it’s also punctuated with moments of humor and tenderness. Oh! Great experiments with several slightly different art styles, but he is always a master of alluring women. The initial Silky Whip series was continued under the name Silky Whip Extreme. Together, they compile three separate short story collections published by Core Magazine between 1996 and 1998: Engine Room, Five, and Junk Story. Additional material was published in monthly comics format but never collected.


            Reizoku Keiyakusho, “Subordination Contract”  • Gorou Horikawa • Icarus Publishing (2006) • Akaneshinsha (1994) • 1 volume • Adult • 18+ (violence, nudity, graphic s-e-x)

Cardcaptor Sakura Manga

            A wasteland of humiliation and emotional trauma. Pure girls (students, cops, figure skaters, nuns) are raped and abused by fat, ugly men until they either die inside or convince themselves that it’s what they always wanted. And the ugliness isn’t restricted to the subject matter; the art is terrible. Unless you want scat por with girls being tied up and raped by fat, warty slobs, there’s nothing here. 


            Shihonshugi no Seishin, “The Spirit of Capitalism”  • Maguro Teikoku • Icarus Publishing (2007) • Akaneshinsha (2004) • 1 volume • Salaryman, Adult • 18+ (nudity, graphic s-e-x)

            They say it’s bad to date your coworkers … but casual s-e-x is okay, right? The sordid se-xual adventures of two young OLs (“office ladies”). The title is a reference to Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.