Understanding the Air Freight Forwarder

Almost every importer has faced the situation, mentioned in the title, and many took a decision without thinking much about the term consolidation and/or how it functions.

The economy moves fast and every company needs to keep pace with its high-speed. As technology grows, so do the demands.  You can find reliable air logistics services online.

Especially in the field of manufacturing, the supply of goods, be it machinery or machinery parts, be it packaging parts or tools for production, everything must be available within the shortest possible time.

Many companies do not even have a warehousing system, because goods in the warehouse are considered dead capital.

This manner of handling the figures might have its positive sides.  But, there are myriad aspects that can't be ascertained beforehand.  Unforeseeable points would be the hidden threat here and they could definitely hurt. Moving goods across the world by sea is economical.  However, the most powerful argument against this type of transport is that the time taken.  Ecologically speaking sea cargo is a much better alternative. 

But many businesses can't afford to wait that long to receive their orders.  Market and Ecology become conflicting facets. An immediate consignment is one which is addressed directly to the consignee along with the air cargo representative (freight forwarder) forwarding the merchandise isn't involved directly with all the consignee. 

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The company where you purchased your merchandise becomes the consignor (also referred to as shipper) and you're mentioned on the atmosphere bill as the consignee. The cargo is tendered to the airline, immediately following the last export customs clearance is via.   

He'll tender the consignment to the airline following the last export customs clearance and also his job ends there.  The consignee must locate a broker to socialize with the airline to find the cargo cleared.

Consignments moving to the identical destination but from different shippers are reserved under a single master air waybill and every Shipper is given with a home air waybill.   The expense of the air cargo is dispersed over many consignments, which leads to maintaining down the rate.  Consolidations are often booked to depart on weekends.  Based on the total amount of company, a freight forwarder will place up reservations for the center of the week.

Considering the above facts, one can say, if your consignment is not very urgent, a consolidation is advisable. It will save you a lot of money. However, please note, not every forwarder may fly a consolidation to the particular airport a customer has in mind.


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