Senior Dogs Common Health Issues

Like all pets and animals, a dog’s age, they tend to grow health difficulties unique to senior dogs. Many dog proprietors have a tough time accepting this reality and deliberate that their active pooch is not a senior dog and will not have health difficulties.

Dogs can, on the other hand, show symbols of aging as early as six years old. Senior dog health difficulties usually affect superior breeds earlier than small breeds that tend to indicate signs of aging around 11 to 12 years of age. The point is that older dog health difficulties will ultimately be a worry for each and every dog proprietor. You can also get help from long island veterinary specialists by clicking right here.

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Common Health Issues Facing Older Dogs

Problems that may manifest in most senior dogs such as the following:

-Joint and bone Issues

-A general Decrease in their metabolism

-Difficulty with their ears and eyes

-Liver and kidney dysfunction

-Skin Care becomes lean and less pliable although the jacket becomes mottled and patchy

-Problems with gums and teeth

Rather than bounding up the staircase your senior dog may take each stair one at one time.  Your pet can develop arthritis, an inflammation of the joints causing pain and distress, which is normally the reason for the slowing down.

There are a plethora of anti-inflammatory drugs that your vet can suggest to decrease the distress brought on by arthritis.

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