Binge Eating Disorder Facts

• Binge eating is a kind of disorder where the person hogs on the food in repetitive episodes without any effort whatsoever to control their weight.

There is a lot of purging, excessive exercising to undo the effects of eating. Loads use of diet pills and medication like laxatives are also used to reverse the effect of eating. It is a kind of mental illness. You can also visit to know more about eating disorder facts.

Girl's Portrait

• Statistics reveal that approximately 4 percent of those girls and 2% guys are impacted by this disorder in their lifetime. This mainly occurs during growing phase like adolescence or early adulthood.

• Males dinosaurs constitute roughly 33 percent of those people who have binge eating disorder. But, there appears to be a gap in the incidence of the disorder occurring according to the cultural category.

• Were you aware of 65 percent of those people having binge eating disorder have been struck by obesity? And around 20 percent are obese, or more.

• It had been found that there's a greater chance of developing another kind of psychiatric disorder with the men and women who have this disease.

• This disease prolongs for at least 14 decades and just minute 7 percent of the case becomes solved in the very first year of disease.



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