3 Tips for Downsizing Your Home

There's nothing quite like downsizing to make you realize how much stuff you actually have, and how much stuff you don't really want.

So, you've decided to downsize. Let's assume you already have the new space identified. Where do you start in your current home? How do you actually fit into that smaller space? 

1. Choose a system – Having a system to sort and label EVERYTHING is key to keeping the chaos under control. You can visit heritagepartners.com.au/downsizing/ to get more info on downsizing property.

The system can be labels, colored dots for each category, or even physical relocation of items to spaces associated with each category (e.g., all the items moved into garage will go to storage) Categories to consider are "Going to the new place", "Give to someone else (adult children, friends, neighbor, etc.)", "Move to storage", "Donate", "Sell", and "Trash".

2. Assess the situation- Using the system you identified in the first step, you can now assess the situation by determining the dimensions of the new space. While it's important to measure each room itself, it's just as important to measure the length of each wall, even the narrow ones.

3. Sort and label – This is the exhausting step. Sort everything you own. Pictures, wall hangings, tchotchkes, mementos, holiday decorations and other decor items on display will not all have a home in the new place. Ask yourself, "Do I love this? Do I need this?" If you answer yes, these items will find a spot in the new home.

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