Silky Whip and Slave Contract manga


            Oh! Great • Eros MangErotica (1998–2004) • 2 volumes • Action, Adult • 18+ (violence, nudity, graphic s-e-x)

            This is exactly what you would expect from the famous Oh! Great, who got his start with adult manga before moving on to legitimacy with Read Slam Dunk Manga and Tenjho Tenge: gorgeous ladies, bad-ass guys, and killer robots engage in se-xual relations and lots of destructive fighting. The s-e-x and action are mixed about 50/50 here, with stories about professional thieves, crime lords, alien magicians, and superpowered combat cyborgs. The tone is rather dark, the s-e-x and violence mixing freely (even drifting beyond rape into bestiality). This is its biggest flaw, but it’s also punctuated with moments of humor and tenderness. Oh! Great experiments with several slightly different art styles, but he is always a master of alluring women. The initial Silky Whip series was continued under the name Silky Whip Extreme. Together, they compile three separate short story collections published by Core Magazine between 1996 and 1998: Engine Room, Five, and Junk Story. Additional material was published in monthly comics format but never collected.


            Reizoku Keiyakusho, “Subordination Contract”  • Gorou Horikawa • Icarus Publishing (2006) • Akaneshinsha (1994) • 1 volume • Adult • 18+ (violence, nudity, graphic s-e-x)

Cardcaptor Sakura Manga

            A wasteland of humiliation and emotional trauma. Pure girls (students, cops, figure skaters, nuns) are raped and abused by fat, ugly men until they either die inside or convince themselves that it’s what they always wanted. And the ugliness isn’t restricted to the subject matter; the art is terrible. Unless you want scat por with girls being tied up and raped by fat, warty slobs, there’s nothing here. 


            Shihonshugi no Seishin, “The Spirit of Capitalism”  • Maguro Teikoku • Icarus Publishing (2007) • Akaneshinsha (2004) • 1 volume • Salaryman, Adult • 18+ (nudity, graphic s-e-x)

            They say it’s bad to date your coworkers … but casual s-e-x is okay, right? The sordid se-xual adventures of two young OLs (“office ladies”). The title is a reference to Max Weber’s The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.

How to Choose a Good Lawyer You Need

There are numerous instances when people find themselves faced with legal problems that they want assistance with. For these reasons, they turn to legal representatives who will assist them get free from these problems. However, finding the right attorney who will represent your interest can be a tedious process. As a result, it is worth your time to conduct some research prior to choosing an attorney. Most of these attorneys value their repute and they will be genuine with you about what they do know and what they don't. That is for their best interest as they mostly count on referrals for business. Here are a few tips that may help you hire the best lawyer. To find the right lawyer, one can head to or similar sources.

Word of Mouth

Start by requesting family and friends since personal recommendation is the right spot to begin. A lot of folks have dealt with attorneys before and if they have got not, then they may know a person who has. Find a attorney who specializes in your specific area of interest through checking with your express bar and decide if they are in excellent standing with the line. Also, there are many online learning resources to find legal professionals in your vicinity.

How To Decorate With Family Photographs?

Cherished memories are upgraded when you finish your home utilizing your most loved photographs and family pictures. A beautiful photograph that is insightfully surrounded in the perfect picture outline, masterfully and legitimately hung, and saw in the right light can be an enticing and embellishing expansion to your home. When you show photos of your family on your dividers, you express your life story.

Make everybody who enters your home feel warm and welcome when you finish with creatively styled and showed photographs brimming with stories and affection. Since we live in a visual society, take your cherished memories and display them on the dividers as opposed to photo collections or scrapbooks.

Will your home look dazzling, as well as your relatives will likewise have the capacity to appreciate the photos consistently. You can explore to to know more about child photography.

Image result for family photography

Why not make you’re most loved prized family picture the focal point of your zone; a point of convergence? Broaden photographs to, maybe, 30" x 40", place them in stunning enormous picture edges and show them in a remarkable spot, for example, over a chimney.

Cherished photographs are not generally pictures of relatives; they might be pictures taken by different relatives amid different exercises, similar to goes to different spots. These photos can be made greater, drastically confined, and hung in a feasting region.




How to Dress in a Style That Fits Your Personality?

They say, "Design knows not of solace", I oppose this idea. You can be agreeable but then elegant, you simply should be sensible. The way to introducing yourself well is to dress in a way that speaks to you as a person. You ought to dress in a way that lets your internal identity radiate through.

 Much the same as "the type of food you eat will affect you general health", "what you wear and how you wear it, is the sort of person you are."  Shop our collection of For Love & Lemons fashion for women at Nordstrom Totally free shipping and returns.

"Style" is the way in which you express or do. Style changes from individual to individual. It is inherent and one of a kind to everybody. Taking after crazes and molds is dependably fun yet having one's very own style is constantly crucial with the end goal one should wear what's in design in their own unique way. Emo, Punk, Goth, and Prep are all styles roused by types of music.

Because a couple of pants is called "Thin pants", doesn't suggest that you will mysteriously look dainty in them. It resembles Facebook would put it, "they're called thin pants and not make you thin pants". One should dependably wear what makes them feel calm, good in their own skin.

Being aware of your body and wearing meager garments is a major no, having an unfit body and wearing tight garments is a much greater one. Being a 9 year old and wearing noisy make up and bombastic garments is not popular, rather, simply wrong. Also, what goes with garments is the sort of shoes you wear.

Personalized Mugs Are Wonderful Gifts for Grandparents

Are you interested in creating and crafting gifts yourself for presenting them to near and dear ones? If yes then you can choose to design Personalized Mugs for your friends and family members especially for your grandfather and grandmother.

They will absolutely love the mugs designed by you and furthermore, these mugs show to be perfect Gifts for Grandparents because they will fortune them for their remaining life. The pleasure and happiness on their face will give you huge satisfaction.

Now you may be thinking how to plan and design your Personalized Mugs. It is to be noted that computer can verify to be actually obliging to you in designing your mug. For designing you can use unique software simply available in the marketplace.

You can even use downloads from the internet for this reason. There are other approaches which can be used for designing mugs such as screen printing, painting, decoupage, digital printing, etc. You can also look for special and beautiful coffee cups by clicking right over here.

There are numerous companies online which can assist you in designing mugs. On the other hand, first you will have to choose one mug from a range of mugs made of diverse sizes, materials, shapes, designs and styles according to your dislikes and likes. Then you can match and mix all types of text messages, prints, colors etc. 

Are You Experiencing Power Point Power Failure?

Electronic slide shows are normal practice in today's business world; however they can without much of a stretch empty the life out of your presentation if done despicably. Advance your energy point presentations by maintaining a strategic distance from these basic pitfalls.

Try not to permit your energy point to wind up your presentation. There's no speedier approach to put a group of people to rest than by perusing your slides. You are the best visual in any presentation. Effectively draw in your gathering of people and use your slides as backing for your oral message.

In the event that your crowd can't read your slides why have they?

A decent general guideline is to utilize 40 point textual style or bigger. Avoid sections and finish sentences. Use expressions or words to make your point and stick to 5 lines or less of content. Much else gets to be hard to hold and places the members concentrate on perusing your slides and not listening to you. One can contact Agence PowerPoint SlidePro : Mise En Forme PowerPoint for high quality power point presentation.

It's anything but difficult to fall into the trap of lighting up slides with "visual platitudes." While sound impacts and slide moves may appear to improve a presentation, actually they serve as to a greater degree a diversion.

Is it accurate to say that you are utilizing cut craftsmanship and formats?

So is whatever is left of the world! They're abuse loans to an absence of inventiveness and can empty the effect of any presentation. Make your energy brings up Out by utilizing your own particular examined photos or quality design in supplant of clasp craftsmanship.

Water Damage Restoration, What All Home Owners Need To Know

Once your home suffers from storm damage, sewage damage, or clean water damage, immediate action is required to remove the water and minimize the damage and loss. The main element in water removal and restoration is not to try to do it yourself. Water damage restoration is a serious undertaking and not to be taken lightly. If not done properly, by appropriately skilled and experienced, water removal restoration experts, you could at the least fail to fix the problem, and at most severe cause greater damage than there was to commence with and suffer greater deficits. You can find Water Damage Repair Services and Water Damage Remediation, South Florida from the web.

Image result for home restoration services

Whether the water damage you suffer has been cleaned water from broken water lines, rainwater water or storm harm, or sewage damage, the best thing you can do for yourself as a homeowner is seek the services of a professional water damage repair and restoration service to handle it for you. Most damage is separated into three main categories: Category 1 is clean water damage, Category 2 is water from a source that is possibly polluted, and Category 3 is what’s known as “black water”, the effect of problems like sewage backup.

Whatever the cause and type of drinking water damage, nowhere does the term “the right tool for the job” as much, meaning that a thorough and complete job requires the right equipment. Renting this equipment yourself could be prohibitively expensive, not to mention the steep learning curve in using it. Normal water damage restoration experts, by contrast, have all the right equipment for the task, and they know how to use it.

Opal Jewelry — Your Own Personal Piece of Rainbow

Opal is a sublime gemstone whose shades incorporate for all intents and purposes each tone in the color range. The play of color is distinctive on each stone, and its sparkling shades offered ascend to the word "opalescent."

 Because it is such an enchanting and one of a kind gemstone, it is no big surprise that opal gems is exceptionally prevalent among collectors and style lovers. In any case, numerous societies relate the opal with white enchantment and good fortune. You can visit antique opal ring if you want to purchase rings online.

The old Romans utilized opal adornments as charms and for them, it symbolized virtue and trust. The antiquated Greeks, then again, trusted that it gave the wearer the capacities to forecast or foretell what's to come.

It was additionally thought to convey fortunes to the wearer. The prominence of opal adornments is on the ascent. In spite of the fact that it is delegated a semi-valuable stone, the dark opal can cost as much as a precious stone.

Opals can likewise go in cost, contingent upon their color. By and large, red opals are the most costly while blue opals are the minimum.

Likewise, doublet or triplet opal gems, or a bit of opal that is sandwiched between two different materials is less costly than strong opal pieces. Set in gold or silver, or decorated with different gemstones, there is a wide assortment of opal gems to browse. 

Bastard and Bass Master Ranmaru Manga – Review

Bastard!! Ankoku no Hakaishin

Shônen manga meets Dungeons & Dragons meets Heavy Metal. Besieged by armies of orcs and lizard men, the defenders of the kingdom of Meta-Rikana (aka “Metallicana”) unleash their secret weapon: the fiendish sorcerer Dark Schneider, whose powers can be unlocked only by a virgin’s kiss. Although Bastard!!’s central character dynamic is similar to that of Inu-Yasha—a former villain is magically bound to obey a young girl—Dark Schneider is far more destructive, an extremely horny, extremely foulmouthed bad-ass who kills everybody and makes fun of his corny enemies in self-referential “What’s up, doc?” fashion. He also looks like a long-haired metalhead and frequently goes around naked. Originally published in Weekly Shônen Jump (watch Dark Schneider turn defeated enemies into pals), Bastard!! was later moved to magazines for an older readership, possibly because of Hagiwara’s obvious pleasure at baiting censors with increasingly sleazy and finally ponographic humor. Halfway through the series, the story takes an abrupt turn into the realm of angels and devils, almost like Angel Sanctuary. The artwork starts out terrible but slowly improves after volume 4, eventually becoming unbelievably polished; however, the plot is a train wreck, and many important details are told only in Hagiwara’s untranslated dôjinshi. Most of the names are heavy metal music references. In Japan, the early volumes of Bastard!! were rereleased in a “Complete Edition” with heavily redrawn art and much more explicit , but Viz’s English edition uses the original, tamer art in places.

Hajime no Ippo manga

Bass Master Ranmaru

Hobbyist manga involving a rebellious fishing pro who gives up the big time to go back to small-town life. Ranmaru competes in fishing competitions, provides readers with fishing tips and techniques, and promulgates a nostalgic, pseudo-mystical appreciation of the art of bass fishing. The manga does a good job of explaining key terms (heavy fishing jargon permeates every chapter), but as a general read it’s predictable and uncompelling. The e-book also suffers from a number of glaring typos. 

Read more :

Kids Birthday Party Themes – Activities and Ideas For a Children’s Birthday

There are such a variety of children birthday party topics to look over it can appear to be overpowering now and again. The initial step to effectively arranging a gathering is to limit down your decisions and pick a topic.

Here's a fun, remarkable subject thought to give you some motivation. It depends on the well known TV appear, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. This children birthday party thought is appropriate for youngsters from 5 to 8 years of age. You can head to Best Spa Birthday Party Place for Girls in Sudbury Glama Gals for  more info.

Set up a gathering for your children based around the show "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego". It's a fun and straightforward home gathering and you won't need to carry the kids around city or vie for space at another venue like Chucky Cheese.

Movement and Game Ideas:

The grown-ups play the diverse characters in the appear. ex: the boss, and the diverse miscreants, and Carmen San Diego herself. This fills two needs, not just does it remove the expense of enlisting on-screen characters however it gives the kids they truly are transported into the stories.

It makes the children feel like they're not encompassed by their folks, thus it give you a method for making a happy air while continually watching out for the kids.

Distinctive zones of the house and terrace are set up as various regions around the globe, for instance Paris, China, Spain. There are signs, riddles and amusements set up at the distinctive stations that the youngsters need to make sense of.